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It was easier when we were younger. Decisions are more complicated now.


As men move forward in life, we become constrained by responsibilities – job, house, partner, kids – that can leave us feeling stressed, isolated and unfulfilled.


You may be doing your best to cope – working harder, working out, reaching out – and still find yourself wondering, “Is this as good as it gets, or am I missing something?” You are expected to take care of everyone else’s needs: your boss, your wife, your kids, your parents. Where is the time for you?


If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

   ~   Lao Tzu

The good news is that there are ways out. The hard part, for many of us guys, is that it requires finding someone you can trust.


I have helped many men navigate these waters. Together, we can understand what your frustration or disappointment is trying to tell you. We can problem-solve about the challenges you face. From my experiences in business, parenting, and as a psychologist, I will bring perspectives and information that will open up new options for you. (I also work in a targeted way with couples and new parents.)


Change your thoughts, and you change your world.

   ~   Norman Vincent Peale


We can sort out when and how to connect more fully your partners, children, and career – or when and how to make that change you have been thinking about. Together, we can put you in charge of your life again.


You don’t have to accept ‘just grinding it out’. You can live a more energized, relaxed, happy life. Give me a call.

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